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What is the role of 2pc Corner Clamps?

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What is the role of 2pc Corner Clamps?

2pc Corner Clamps Whether assembling, cutting or gluing projects, these woodworking tool right angle clamps will help you get the job done quickly and accurately; square frames and bookcases, use as brackets on raised panels, or as table saw wood corner clamps. When building furniture like cabinets, stairs, shelves or drawers, the perfect 90-degree angle is everything; use 2pc Corner Clamps to do it right the first time; as a third hand, it creates the perfect angle every time.

2pc Corner Clamp

  • What is the role of 2pc Corner Clamps?

  • What are the product features of 2pc Corner Clamps?

  • What are the product benefits of 2pc Corner Clamps?

What is the role of 2pc Corner Clamps?

Make square corners easier for your woodworking projects with 2pc Corner Clamps. The L-shaped design helps you locate and inspect corners when connecting, gluing, cutting or assembling perfectly square corners. Each corner bracket clip is constructed of corrosion resistant steel and has (2) 4" long legs that attach to the side of the project material. Temporarily use to frame boxes, drawers, cabinets and bookcases, or permanently attach these woodworking square clip brackets when building decks, tree houses, forts, etc. Woodworking jigs can be used as 90 degree jigs, corner alignment tools, right angle jigs, picture frame jigs or welding jigs. What will you build?

What are the product features of 2pc Corner Clamps?

COMPLETE YOUR PROJECTS PERFECTLY: 2pc Corner Clamps for 90 degree angle frames make a great stand or stand on tall secondary fences to cut perfect 90 degree angles on raised panels, wraparound frames and bookshelves , or as part of a bookshelf

Ampere Sandwich Rod: 4" (10.2cm) long sides allow ample clamping space, so stay square until gluing and tightening is complete

EASY TO USE: Clip on the project, allowing you to easily go vertical from the four corners; each leg has countersunk screw holes for easy assembly.

DURABLE: Made of durable steel for durability; precision machined along the entire 4" (10.2 cm) leg for ultimate precision

Package Contents: Package contains (2) 3D corner squares for easy use

What are the product benefits of 2pc Corner Clamps?

2pc Corner Clamps Product Includes: 2 Components Rugged Build 90 Degree Right Angle, 3" Max Opening, Clamping Force ≤ 200 lbs, Clamp Height > 1/2"

Strong structure: Made of high-quality aluminum alloy to ensure toughness and durability, can stably clamp various materials, rust-proof, and can be used for a long time

【Effort-saving T-shaped handle】Sliding flexible T-shaped single handle, adjustable rotating jaw, easy to clamp the workpiece. Sturdy and non-slip for instant build work

Fixed Mounting Holes: Each clip constitutes two countersunk mounting holes for permanent mounting on the workbench, making your work more efficient and safer.

2pc Corner Clamps are widely used: for reinforced connections in woodworking, photo frames, furniture, cabinets, etc. Two wooden blocks of different thicknesses can be connected at a 90 degree angle with this corner clip.

For more information about 2pc Corner Clamps, please contact SAAME Tools has committed to providing the increasing of 2pc Corner Clamps, and make them more effective, reliable, and consistent.

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