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What is the function of the screwdriver?

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What is the function of the screwdriver?

The screwdriver makes use of the lever function when it is used to lift the paint plug. The greater the distance from the force point to the pivot point, the less manpower is needed, so a long screwdriver is more economical than a short screwdriver. The screwdriver uses the working principle of the shaft when turning the screw. The larger the wheel, the less force is required. Therefore, using a thick socket screwdriver requires less work than using a thin socket screwdriver.


  • What is the material of the screwdriver?

  • What are the maintenance measures for the screwdriver?

  • What is the function of the screwdriver?

What is the material of the screwdriver?

The screwdriver has no round head, because the round head has no torque. The word is used to ensure torque, while the cross allows for a more even distribution of force. According to the different power supply, there are manual screwdriver and electric screwdriver; According to the bit or cutter head, there is a flat head and a cross (Phillips).

High quality screwdriver head is made of relatively hard spring steel. A good screwdriver must be hard, but not fragile and hard. If the opening of the screw head is exposed and smooth, the screwdriver can be knocked with a hammer to deepen the screw groove and facilitate loosening the screw. Do not bend. In general, the hardness of the screwdriver head should be greater than HRC60, and it is not easy to rust.

What are the maintenance measures for the screwdriver?

(1) The screwdriver blade must be properly ground and its two sides should be as parallel as possible. If the blade is tapered, the blade can easily slide out of the thread groove when turning the screwdriver.

(2) Do not grind the screwdriver head too fine, and do not grind it into a shape other than a square.

(3) Take extra care when grinding the screwdriver on the grinding wheel because the edge of the screwdriver is too hot. Wear glasses when grinding.

What is the function of the screwdriver?

1. Ordinary screwdriver

This is a screwdriver. The head and sleeve are installed in it. It is easy to prepare and can be used as long as it is taken out. However, due to the different lengths and thicknesses of screws, it is sometimes necessary to prepare many different screwdrivers.

2. Combination screwdriver

A screwdriver that separates the screwdriver head from the sleeve. When installing different types of screws, just replace the screwdriver head, and do not bring too many screwdrivers. The advantage is that it can save space, but it is easy to lose the screwdriver head.

3. Electric screwdriver

The electric screwdriver, as its name implies, uses a motor instead of manually installing and removing screws, usually a combined screwdriver.

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