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What are the main materials of the Saw Bits Set?

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What are the main materials of the Saw Bits Set?

Saw Bits Set is a general term for thin circular knives used for cutting solid materials. Saw blades can be divided into: diamond saw blades for cutting stones; Saw blades made of high-speed steel for cutting metal material (without inlaid carbide heads); for solid wood, furniture, wood-based panels, aluminum alloys, aluminum profiles, radiators, plastic, plastic steel and other cutting carbide saw blades.

saw bits set

  • What are the main materials of the Saw Bits Set?

  • How do I choose a saw and bit set?

  • What are the basic requirements for using the Saw Bits Set?

What are the main materials of the Saw Bits Set?

⒈65Mn spring steel has good elasticity and plasticity, economical material, good hardenability in heat treatment, low heating temperature, light deformation, and can be used for saw blades that do not require high cutting requirements.

⒉ Carbon tool steel has high carbon content and high thermal conductivity, but its hardness and wear resistance greatly decrease when exposed to a temperature of 200 ℃ -250 ℃, the heat treatment deformation is large, the hardenability is poor, and the tempering time is long and easy to crack. Provide cost effective materials for cutting tools such as T8A, T10A, T12A, etc. here.

⒊ Compared with carbon tool steel, alloy tool steel has good heat resistance, wear resistance and better handling performance.

⒋ High speed steel has good hardenability, strong hardness and stiffness, and less heat resistant deformation. It is an ultra-high-strength steel with stable thermoplasticity and is suitable for the production of high-quality ultra-thin saw blades.

How do I choose a saw and bit set?

Saw Bits Set selects the number of teeth of the saw teeth. In general, the more teeth there are, the more blades can be cut in one time unit and the better the cutting performance. However, if the saw tooth is too dense, the chip capacity between the teeth becomes smaller, which easily causes the saw blade to heat up; In addition, if there are too many saw teeth and the feed amount is not adjusted correctly, the cut amount of each tooth is very small, which aggravates the friction between the cutting edge and the workpiece. Affects the life of the blade. Usually the tooth spacing of the saw and bit set is 15-25 mm, and depending on the material to be sawn, an appropriate number of teeth should be selected.

What are the basic requirements for using the Saw Bits Set?

⒈ Select the appropriate saw and bit set according to the design requirements of the equipment.

⒉ Equipped with devices should be equipped with safety protection devices, such as: protective cover, discharge brake, overload protection.

⒊ There are specialized personnel for installation and use, as well as wearing work clothes, goggles, earmuffs, etc.

⒋ Operators are not allowed to wear gloves, long hair should be put into the work cap and pay attention to ties and cuffs to avoid danger.

⒌ The use of the saw and bit set should be kept away from fire and damp environment.

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