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How to use tape measure?

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How to use tape measure?

The tape measure is a frequently used measuring tool in daily life. The tape measure can be rolled up because there is a spring inside the tape measure. When pulling out to measure the length, it actually extends the length of the tape measure and the spring. Once the measurement is complete, the spring inside the measuring tape automatically contracts. When it shrinks, the ruler also shrinks under the action of the spring force, causing the tape measure to roll up.

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  • How to use tape measure?

  • What is the measuring method of the tape measure?

  • What's the strength of the tape measure?

How to use tape measure?

1. Prepare a tape measure. We notice that the button on the measuring tape is closed.

2.Turn on the switch, we can pull the ruler at will, automatically stretch and shrink.

3.The 0-scale of the tape measure is near one end of the object, and then we hold it parallel to the object, drag the ruler to the other end of the object, and stick to that end, and then close the switch.

4. Hold the line of sight and scale vertically on the tape measure and read the data.

5.Turn on the switch, pull back the tape measure, close the switch and put it back in.

What is the measuring method of the tape measure?

The tape measure head is loose so that we can measure the size. When measuring the size of the measuring tape, there are two measurement methods. One is to hang on the object, and the other is to press on the object. The difference between the two measurement methods is the thickness of the iron sheet at the head of the measuring tape. The purpose of the loose tape head is to compensate the iron piece of the tape head when it is pressed against the object.

The numbers on the tape measure are divided into two rows, one row of numbers is in centimeters/CM and the other row is in inches, 1 cm equals about 0.3937 inch and 1 inch equals about 2.54 cm, so the number with the shorter one. The longer one is inches, and the numeral in centimeters is also smaller than that in inches, 100 centimeters1meters, and the unit is generally used centimeters.

What's the strength of the tape measure?

In the "core" of the tape measure is a small piece of steel that acts like a spring, you can also imagine it like this, it is the one on the trigger of the toy gun, the small wire with which the ball is "hit" when it is pulled out, it is bent under force, and the external force after releasing (refers to the force of hand pulling, while the friction force is stronger than the friction force). Small, less than the elasticity of the small wire) disappears, so that it automatically springs back. And on the front of the tape measure there is a folded part that works at this time so that the tape measure is stuck on the outside so that it is not completely retracted. At first it was loose, but it got tighter as it was pulled out. After letting go, it should have a recovery process so that it automatically bounces back. That is, it was loose at first, and when it was pulled, it tightened, and there was a certain elasticity in between.

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