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How to use Scraper Set?

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How to use Scraper Set?

The Scraper Set will remove as much material as intermediate sandpaper without introducing the myriad of small scratches the sandpaper leaves behind. Another advantage is that scraper shavings are easily brushed off, while sanding dust can clog the wood grain.

Scraper Set

  • What does the Scraper Set do?

  • How to use Scraper Set?

  • How to choose the right Scraper Set?

What does the Scraper Set do?

1. The scraper is the main tool for scraping. Generally, T12A high carbon tool steel is used to make the scraper.

2. According to the different scraping surfaces of the workpiece, Scraper Set can be divided into three categories: flat scraper, triangular scraper and crescent scraper. Flat scrapers are mainly used to scrape flat surfaces, such as flat plates, plane rails, workbenches, etc., and can also be used to scrape outer curved surfaces.

How to use Scraper Set?

How to use: When using the scraper, hold the scraper in the right hand, and press the index finger and middle finger of the left hand on the scraper to increase the scraping force. Some places where the cutter head is not evenly ground can be easily scraped with a scraper for a few times.

The Scraper Set is mainly used for the cleaning of the wood carving plane. For example, we usually make a thing, the bottom is flat, and it is difficult to reach the innermost layer with the knife head. At this time, a scraper is needed.

• Suitable for many jobs from home

• Easily remove paint, glue or varnish and apply filler

• For smooth surfaces such as walls, tiles or floors

• Durable carbon steel blade with molded plastic handle

• Comfortable grip for even the toughest jobs

• Includes 1 x 1” Chisel, 1 x 4” Skinner, and 1 x 2.5” Filler

How to choose the right Scraper Set?

The Scraper Set includes a 1" chisel, a 4" peeling knife, and a 2.5" filler knife. Each knife is constructed of durable carbon steel with molded plastic handles for no matter how stubborn the job is Provides you with a comfortable grip.

1. When purchasing a Scraper Set, pay attention to the handle must be long and thick, so that it can be used more effectively. The feel of the handle is subjective, but the handle that is too thin and too short is difficult to use. If the handle is made of poor quality plastic or wood, it is not only easy to cut the hand, but also has poor bearing capacity and is easy to be broken.

2. Scraper Set can be divided into one-piece scraper and split scraper. The one-piece scraper is generally supported by steel bars in the handle, so the scraper is relatively heavier. Split scraper, mostly plastic/wood split handle, more fancy, light knife, but need to be cleaned separately.

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